A guide to kitchen worktops

Here at Marble Works, we are very proud of the workmanship and the quality materials that we use. When a customer contacts us, we’re happy to discuss what options are best for you from the materials that we can supply. But, in our opinion, granite and composite stone are some of the very best materials for kitchen worktops – and that’s why you’ll find these materials in the homes of both John and Richard, the business owners!

We understand that home improvements to your kitchen can be a tough project and a budget is usually compiled. However, we recently noticed an article by Channel 4 online, which which may help you decide which worktop surface is best for your kitchen, whether it be a renovation or a new build kitchen. We think this except favours our materials and we are more than happy to share it with you and also chat to you about the quality of our materials much further.

The article can be viewed here: www.channel4.com

Except from article


“Whether you choose state-of-the-art units or cheaper buys, your worktop will undoubtedly be the making of your kitchen. But which material to go for? We’ve got the latest information on the best buys for your kitchen and lifestyle.”

“Granite has an attractive mottled appearance, comes in a wide range of colours, and is incredibly hardwearing. It is very resistant to heat, stains and water damage, and can be pre-cut to include sink inserts and draining grooves. It’s usually supplied polished and very glossy, but you can opt for a honed matt finish. Limestone and marble – actually a form of crystallised limestone – also make stunning worktops, but their porosity makes them prone to staining, even when sealed.”

“How To Look After It: Clean with a mild washing up liquid solution, Don’t use abrasive cleaners, or ones containing lemon, vinegar or other acids, as these will dull the surface.”

Pros: Virtually indestructible, and the cool surface is perfect for making pastry and dough.

Composite Stone

“Composite Stone, also known as engineered stone or quartz, this is a manufactured material made from natural quartz bound with resin. Like stone, it’s very strong, heat and stain-resistant. Common brands include Silestone and Zodiaq.”

“Looking After It: It’s non-porous, so doesn’t need sealing. Just wipe clean and avoid putting very hot pans directly on the surface.”

Pros: Available in many colours and finishes, and different looks such as imitation granite and marble – but is cheaper. Very easy to look after.